REŽI (Love Cuts) directed by Kosta Djordjevic. In 20 sequence shots, the film tells a story about a day in the life of young girl who struggles between taking revenge on the local bullies who stabbed her and making up with her halfhearted boyfriend. Obsessive love story set in the teenage girl’s day that might just be every parent’s worst nightmare.

ŽAL (Sweet Sorrow)

Film by Kosta Djordjevic
Producer Milos Ivanovic

RELJA’s (16) grandmother has just died and nobody seems to be willing to bury her. His mother, OLGA (46), a cold and controlling woman, had such a bad relationship with her mother that she refuses to organize the funeral. Relja is not too bothered with the funeral either. But then ANA (16), the girl who he has been desperately in love with, is struck by his family loss and for the first time shows emotional affection towards him. Relja realizes that there might be a way to turn the tragedy into an opportunity and engages in organizing the funeral, against his mother’s will. Quite cleverly and unscrupulously, Relja maneuvers between love and death.

S/KIDANJE, (Trolling) by Kosta Đorđević, released in Serbia in April 2013, with world premiere on Warsaw Film Festival, Free Spirit Official Competition. Film has many festivals and awards for director, main actor, sreenplay, and photography. It premiered on TV PRVA. Film was funded by City of Belgrade, Ministry of Culture Republic of Serbia.

BRIDGE AT THE END OF THE WORLD, directed by Branko Ištvančić, funded by Ministry of Culture Republic of Serbia.